“EchoInsight strain analysis has been instrumental for our research team in assessing cardiac function with our studies and in a variety of patient populations. The measurements produced by EchoInsight are accurate and the platform’s ability to process DICOM and retrospective data offers the flexibility we need to meet research project requirements. Additionally, the software is intuitive and requires significantly less time versus other vendors to become comfortable using software and achieve standardization in intra-observer analysis of studies.”

Dr. Sharon Kay, Associate Professor
University of Sydney Medical Faculty

“Since first applying strain imaging to our cardio oncology patients, we have seen strain imaging providing benefits to how we analyze and interpret echo studies for a variety and evolving set of indications. The upgrade with the zero footprint application of EchoInsight has elevated our strain program and we have significantly increased our echo strain study volume in recent months.”

Megan Kraushaar, BS, RDCS, FASE
UC San Diego Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center

“Since the beginning of 2021, we have been using EchoInsight in our cardio oncology program. With EchoInsight’s strain analysis now as an added component to our clinical reporting, our doctors have greater confidence in their interpretation of echo studies in how they are managing patients. Additionally, our team has found EchoInsight to be intuitive with its ability to easily trace and adjust an ROI on any clip, making our workflow effortless.”

Megan Worley, RCS
SonoCare Imaging Center, LLC

EchoInsight strain imaging assists us to better visualize and report wall mechanics, helping us to better improve care for our patients and their unique needs. We primarily use EchoInsight in our cardio oncology program, however, when a patient that has a decreased EF, we use EchoInsight to get a more in-depth assessment of wall motion and heart function.”

Cassandra Bradley, RCS
SonoCare Imaging Center, LLC

“EchoInsight’s speckle tracking technology has been invaluable as my primary software for using strain imaging to obtain non-invasive, in-vivo mechanical properties of the thoracic aorta. The transparent and modifiable settings that drive the speckle-tracking algorithm, along with ease of use for non-ventricular structures, help make EchoInsight user-friendly, reliable, and versatile- ideal for my research. Their customer support has been accessible, knowledgeable, and helpful, which really optimizes the use of the program.”

Dr. Alexander Gregory
The University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine

“I first started using EchoInsight for the then-emerging technology of speckle tracking strain analysis in 2016 at Oregon Health and Science University. The vendor-agnostic abilities of EchoInsight has helped standardize my research to encompass all care areas and imaging platforms, the software itself is very intuitive, and the variety of overlays in the Trace Mode Display helps tremendously with visualization when performing speckle tracking strain analysis.”

Dr. Shaun Yockelson
Oschner Health

“We use EchoInsight with our heart failure and cardio oncology studies. The program makes it easy to integrate strain imaging with our studies as a vendor neutral software platform with specific clinical applications based on guidelines. Additionally, its serial comparison and trending capabilities assist to improve the way we monitor these important patient populations.”

Monet Strachen, RDCS, FASE
UC San Diego Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center

“Because a rapid decline in cardiac function is typically observed in patients with cardiac amyloidosis, identification of patients at high risk for cardiac events would be helpful to initiate adequate treatment in a timely manner, which may produce better outcomes, Additionally, today autologous stem cell transplantation and newer chemotherapeutic agents are novel treatment options for patients with cardiac amyloidosis. We conducted a study with EchoInsight that concluded for the first time cardiac amyloidosis involves all cardiac chambers, and thus, EchoInsight’s chamber-specific strain analysis may be useful to assess the total cumulative burden of cardiac dysfunction. These findings suggest that four-chamber strain analysis enables further risk stratification in patients with cardiac amyloidosis.”

Dr. Masaaki Takeuchi
University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan

“EchoInsight offers vendor agnostic visualization and analysis with strain imaging and automation of guideline-recommended cardiac function measurements that allows for quick, easy and accurate interpretation of function over time. EchoInsight is a innovative software application that assists in the assessment and follow-up of patients being managed over time.”

Dr. Roberto Lang
University of Chicago Medicine