As an innovative and growing company, Epsilon Imaging strives to deliver cardiovascular visualization, analysis and management solutions that exceed customer expectations for an improved patient continuum of care. We are seeking team members willing to work in a fast paced environment with challenging opportunities focused on customer satisfaction, please send a resume along with a cover letter to

Current career opportunities include:

Lead Field Support Engineer

FSLA STATUS: Full Time; Exempt
BASIC FUNCTION: Customer and Tech Support
REPORTING TO: Director, Customer Support

The Lead Field Support Engineer (LFSE) manages all aspects of Epsilon’s customer and partner support. Earning trust and providing satisfaction for customers and partners by highly professional and competent execution of support requirements is the primary duty of the LFSE. These requirements include: being Epsilon’s top technical support resource to customers, partners; training customers and partners on product use; creating, organizing, and maintaining training, technical, and regulatory documents; managing, coordinating, and executing installation, technical support, and training sessions; and providing product management guidance to improve Epsilon’s products.  This role will have the opportunity to shape the products sold based on observations and feedback from our customer base. Contingent upon excellent performance as LFSE, the LFSE will be considered for Epsilon’s Director of Customer Support position. The LFSE is a remote position but would ideally be located in the Central Time Zone. Epsilon Imaging offers a competitive salary and a full benefits package.


Advanced Windows User

  • Advanced experience with the use of Windows.
  • Experience with office applications Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience with cmd.exe, batch files.


  • Understanding of basic TCP/IP and Web concepts
  • Understanding of simple Windows networking
  • Understanding of the purposes and uses of windows utilities “ipconfig” and “netstat”.


  • With training, is able to learn DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) concepts and ultimately troubleshoot systems employing DICOM networking.

SQL Databases

  • With training, able to understand basic relational database concepts and Microsoft SQL Server administration.


  • Understands the high-level architecture of web and client-server systems.
  • Able to thoroughly master user and support tasks directed at the support of a web-based software system including installation, configuration, administration, diagnostic, and end-user functions.


  • With training, able to learn to interpret complex error logs and messages.
  • Given a thorough understanding of the basic architecture of a web application with DICOM features, is able to use this knowledge to apply diagnostic reasoning to isolate and solve problems.
  • Motivated to seek out ways to improve diagnostic efficiency by use of new tools and methods.


  • Able to clearly present and train end-users in the function of software already mastered.
  • Able to communicate software IT requirements and trade-offs to customer IT teams and work with them to get systems functioning.
  • Able to maintain a positive and helpful tenor toward customer representatives, even in difficult circumstances.
  • Proficient at technical writing.


  • Enjoys solving problems.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Always trying to get better and learn more.


Advanced Windows User

  • Familiar with Windows PowerShell.


  • Understands basic web security and SSL certificates.


  • Familiar with basic DICOM concepts.

SQL Databases

  • Familiar with SQL Server database administration.


  • 2+ years of experience in software support role.
  • Experience with partner and field support


  • BS degree in a technology area such as Software/Computer or Biomedical Engineering
  • Experience deploying software for medical use.