EchoInsight ZF Clinical Package: Robust Strain Imaging Designed for Growing to Established Programs

EchoInsight Zero Footprint (ZF) Clinical Package offers easy to use and fast clinical strain imaging based on ASE guidelines for streamlined analysis, interpretation and monitoring of echo studies. The Clinical Package delivers a streamlined workflow across a network for improved efficiency for sites just getting started to growing clinical echo practices and allows for easy scalability.

EchoInsight ZF Clinical Package with LV and RV Applications Features Include:

  • Validated, vendor neutral strain imaging with no limit on DICOM source or retrospective studies
  • Easy to use features and functionality for strain analysis
  • EchoInsight for Left Ventricle (LV) Application License, features include automated processing, global and regional longitudinal strain and EF analysis, and automated linear and volumetric measurements based on ASE guidelines. SAX circumferential and radial strain analysis included.
  • EchoInsight for Right Ventricle (RV) Application License, features include automated processing, free wall and regional wall and chamber function analysis, longitudinal strain imaging, and automated areas, FAC, TAPSE, S’ and linear measurements based on ASE guidelines
  • Scalability based on concurrent licensing needs