What do I do if my EchoInsight indicates that my license key has expired?

A: If your license key has expired, simply email Customer Support at support@epsilon-imaging.com or call 734.369.5100 and we will send you renewed codes based on your purchase agreement.

Q: What if I am unable to import images into EchoInsight for analysis and the system indicates that the Import of clips is complete but not all my images appear in the clip strip?

A: When clips do not appear, although EchoInsight indicates the import is complete, it usually means a clip other than a b-mode DICOM image (i.e. Doppler, .avi, etc.) has been imported. EchoInsight only imports standard b-mode images in a DICOM format.

Q: What if I am unable to query/retrieve studies with my PACS?

A: If studies suddenly stop being able to query/retrieve with your PACS, you may have a network change at your facility. Please notify your PACS administrator and/or Epsilon Support to re-establish connection.

Q: After a study is imported and listed in my Patient list in Study Manager, the clips are not visible for down selecting and processing. What do I do?

A: To enable the strip of clips in Study Manager, make sure you have selected the appropriate patient name in the Select Patient section, then the study date you would like to down select in Select Study section. This should activate the strip of clips to appear in the View Clips section. NOTE: Make sure the minimize/maximize button is in ‘-’ mode.

Q: EchoInsight takes several minutes every time I start up the program from my Desktop. Is there something wrong?

A: No. It is good to leave EchoInsight minimized if being run as a stand alone application. When starting EchoInsight Study Manager in stand alone mode for first time, it initializes its entire saved database and can take several minutes.

Q: How do I set the ECG when the scraped signal is poor?

A: You can review the clips and may reposition the ECG frame markers before tracing by left clicking and dragging points on ECG to desired location. ECG controls are located under the each image. Each marker in the traces can be moved to designate beat time points including Start Frame, Current Frame, End Systole Frame and End Frame. NOTE: If you edit these points be sure to click the ECG unlocked button in lower right of image pane to lock mode.

Q: How do I exclude segments in the strain calculation?

A: In the image pane you are performing analysis, simply click on the Exclude Segment button in    upper left corner. It will activate an overlay on your region of interest breaking it into a standard 6 segment model. Click on the segment(s) you would like excluded, and they will be excluded from your analysis – hash marks will appear on segment.

Q: When performing research, where do I find the plot data exported from EchoInsight?

A: The plot data will be saved to the location shown in the Store File To location indicated right under the option to select Plot Data in Report tab of EchoInsight?

Q: How do I load prior study for comparison?

A: If you have already analyzed a prior study in EchoInsight and want to compare with a current study, simply select it from the pull down menu in Study Manager as your Baseline study under Select Clips.