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Improving Patient Management with Echocardiography, and EchoInsight Strain Imaging

Over five years ago, the team at UCSD’s Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center began using EchoInsight® visualization and analysis for research projects and clinical evaluation. Their focus was to investigate the advancement of patient management with strain imaging and echocardiography for assessing both the left and right ventricles (LV and RV) for a variety of indications.

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“We use EchoInsight with our heart failure and cardio oncology studies,” said Monet Strachan, ACS, RDCS, FASE at UC San Diego Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center. “The program makes it easy to integrate strain imaging with our studies as a vendor neutral software platform with specific clinical applications based on guidelines. Additionally, its serial comparison and trending capabilities assist to improve the way we monitor these important patient populations.”

Monet Strachen, RDCS, FASE
UC San Diego Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center

“Because a rapid decline in cardiac function is typically observed in patients with cardiac amyloidosis, identification of patients at high risk for cardiac events would be helpful to initiate adequate treatment in a timely manner, which may produce better outcomes, Additionally, today autologous stem cell transplantation and newer chemotherapeutic agents are novel treatment options for patients with cardiac amyloidosis. We conducted a study with EchoInsight that concluded for the first time cardiac amyloidosis involves all cardiac chambers, and thus, EchoInsight’s chamber-specific strain analysis may be useful to assess the total cumulative burden of cardiac dysfunction. These findings suggest that four-chamber strain analysis enables further risk stratification in patients with cardiac amyloidosis.”

Dr. Masaaki Takeuchi
University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan

“EchoInsight offers vendor agnostic visualization and analysis with strain imaging and automation of guideline-recommended cardiac function measurements that allows for quick, easy and accurate interpretation of function over time. EchoInsight is a innovative software application that assists in the assessment and follow-up of patients being managed over time.”

Dr. Roberto Lang
University of Chicago Medicine